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Having pests in your home or business is unpleasant! These unwelcome critters create an uncomfortable, and sometimes unlivable environment. If you have a pest control problem, Tahoma Pest Management can help! Family-owned and operated in Tacoma, Washington, Tahoma Pest Management is an expert at eliminating pests. We rely on years of experience and the utilization of the most current pest control materials and methods to get the job done! Tahoma Pest Management is the best choice in Tacoma for tackling the pest control issues you need help with! We serve residential as well as commercial clients in the Tacoma, Pierce County, and surrounding areas. Maybe you have noticed strange sounds or activity within your home or business, or you are being overrun by rats, ants, and roaches? Tahoma Pest Management is your trusted and environmentally friendly partner for getting control of pests that are out of control. Here’s an example of a few of our pest control services provided for commercial and residential customers: Basic inspection / consultation Insect control (i.e. ants, roaches, silverfish, flies, etc.) Bed Bug elimination Honeybee removal and relocation (learn more about our process) Pest-bird removal and exclusion (i.e. pigeons, sparrows, and starlings) Pest exclusion and remediation Rodent control Spider control Stinging insect control (i.e. wasps, yellow jackets, etc.) Residential and Commercial pest control Scheduled maintenance pest control Tahoma Pest Management provides effective pest control solutions with an emphasis on good environmental stewardship. We are committed to providing excellent service with transparency, consistency, and kindness. We deliver the results you need at an affordable price. Please contact us today at (253) 878 7150 for an estimate and let Tahoma Pest Management put The Mountain between you and pests.
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